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Honouring Sexuality

ONYX Store

Currently Onyx does not have a physical shop.

The Programm will continue though, untill we find a new cosy place!


* An alternative Sexshop

* A Book and Present Shop

* A Workshop Space

* A new concept where we are supporting knowledge-sharing; and personal development, on sexual, sensual, relational levels

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Products & Workshops

Wooden Dildo’s from

Idee du Desir

Hemp Bondage Rope
Yoni Eggs from

The Pussystore


* Feathers

* Blindfolds

* Massage Oils

* Essential Oils

* Erotic Art

* Gem Stone Dildo”s 

Vegan & Fairtrade Condoms

Organic Lubricant

Menstrual Cups

Workshop Programm:

Tu.   15-01-19    Let’s talk about.. Relatie vormen    19:30 – 22:00  (in Dutch)

                           Where: Amsterdam Zuidoost

                           Costs: Free donation

                           More info:

We.  23-01-19   The revelations of your menstrual cycle

                           Where: Amsterdam West

                           Costs: between 25 and 35 euro (based on income)

                           More info:


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An impression of the expected Workshops

* Wheel of Consent

* Tantra

* Concious Bondage

* Sexual Education and Children / Youth

* Yoni / Lingam Massages

* Brewing with Afrodisiacs

Other kinds of Events

* Talks

* Documentaries

* Bookpresentations

* Talking Circles


ONYX is an alternative to the regular sexshops. It is a place where there is attention for sex as a beautiful and important part of life itself. Where people can gain a new or different perspective on sex and sexuality.

Through this shop we will break taboos softly. By acknowledging and representing sex in all it’s fullness as it is; something completely natural, beautiful, healthy and nourishing. And so diverse!

There is attention for themes that are in direct connection to Sex and Sexuality like Love, Relationships, Energy, Meditation, Gender, Conscious Touch, Menstruation, Pregnancy, Body Care, Body Work and more.

I believe that when it comes to subjects around and products about sexuality, it is important to be able to see and feel for yourself; the materials, the sizes, the colours. To be able to ask for information and personal advice from people in real life. That’s why a physical shop for these products  is important and also a lot of fun.

Founder of ONYX

Marjolein de Man (1985)

Originally studied social work and bachelor of fine arts and education.

”In the last couple of years I have been diving into subjects around sexuality. And there’s so many interesting things to learn! About our Bodies, about Pleasure, Health, Relationships..

I realised I am missing a place where there is space for a softer and natural approach to these subjects. I have been living in Berlin for the past 4 years. That is where my fire for this project started burning. But I decided to come back to the Netherlands to create ONYX in Amsterdam.

So here I go.. Founding a new concept and Im so excited to welcome you in the shop or during one of the workshops!”

Artwork by: Sebastian Diaz Rovano